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Re: Yooka-Laylee on Switch - first impressions (by first-timers!)

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:14 pm
by ShanPen
baker_boy0017 wrote:
You know, there was a lot for me to hate in world 4. Especially when I had one last blasted token left. I strongly encourage you guys to use the Hunter tonic on World 4 if you're in a similar boat!

I really enjoyed most of Capital Cashino (except that blasted Hurdle Hijinx - still haven't even passed it yet! And the mine cart bit was frustrating too, I passed the track eventually but have yet to pass the next bit...those are the only 3 Pagies I have left in that level), I thought it was where the game first started to really feel like a Banjo game (and then they really finally hit that mark with world 5). I had fun finding all the hidden tokens, enjoyed most of the games you had to play to win tokens, and loved earning the tokens as the air taxi service. I liked that I actually had to go searching for a few of the Quills in this level because some were actually hidden whereas in earlier levels finding all the Quills felt way too easy. I even found
a special item
in this level because I went exploring everywhere I could with the helicopter just for the fun of it.

Plus working as an events technician one of the main venues I used to spend a lot of time working in was a huge casino complex, so I LOVED how right Playtonic got the look of this level - the gaudy patterned carpet (I cracked up laughing when one of the pigs mentioned he was admiring the carpet), the tacky Egyptian decor and fake palm trees and the gold drape, the hideous huge chandeliers, the glitzy gold and black marble fountain, all the flashing lights - they got it SO right it almost felt like I was at work.

Edited to add: Just something trivial but which shows the level of detail and thought put into this level - I thought I'd take a closer look at those hieroglyphics on the casino walls and as I suspected they weren't just random symbols but rather they repeated all around the walls "PLAYTONYCGAMES" [sic] on the first line and "YOOKALAYLEE" on the second line. (Might have been spelled "PLAYTONYC" on purpose, but I suspect they've accidentally used the double reed symbol for "Y" instead of the single reed symbol that can be either "I" or "E").

Edited further: I beat the World 4 boss and then passed Hurdle Hijinx for the first time both within 10 minutes of each other today, and then finally beat the high score after playing sooooo many times! Anyone got any ideas what I.N.E.P.T. stands for? I think "I never enjoyed playing that" is fitting for that boss. I now have 140 out of 145 Pagies and I think those four were the hardest of all (plus that timed tunnel you have to slide down in Hivory Towers was really hard too!).

Re: Yooka-Laylee on Switch - first impressions (by first-timers!)

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:57 pm
by ShanPen
baker_boy0017 wrote:If you like the music of Moodymaze Marsh, just WAIT for world 5. That music blew me away.

You were so right, the music in this world is amazing! :D
The main theme is great on its own, but then I love the pirate variation when you go sailing around. And the music for both Rextro's arcade game, and the Kartos track were both brilliant - I even replayed the arcade game several times mainly to hear the music again and I even managed to get a better high score than the one that originally got me the 2nd Rextro Pagie because of this. And I replayed the Kartos level soooo many times even after getting the Pagie because I loved that music - until I remembered that part of my Kickstarter reward was the soundtrack to the game which I had not yet listened to (because at the time the reward was released, I was still waiting for the Switch version and wanting to avoid spoilers, even musical ones).

Re: Yooka-Laylee on Switch - first impressions (by first-timers!)

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:32 pm
by ShanPen
ShanPen wrote:
Also I keep coming across the name "Penny" in the game (graffiti on the rafters of Yooka-Laylee's ship, the green letters in Hivory Towers spelling it out, the high score name in Rextro's arcade machines), so I wonder if this has some significance to the story that I'll find out later, or if it's just that someone at Playtonic Games has a special someone called Penny (partner, daughter, mother, pet, friend etc? Or maybe a Kickstarter backer who gave them a huge donation?) so they wanted to put their name into the game.

So I got all the collectibles and beat Capital B the other day, and still never found out why the name "Penny" was everywhere. I was half expecting during the cutscene before the final boss fight against Capital B, for him to reveal that the reason he wanted the magical book to re-write the universe was so that he could fix the past to be with his lost love called "Penny", but obviously that didn't happen :lol: . So unless I've missed something, I still have no idea why that name appears all over the game.