Lack of support for GOG Version

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Lack of support for GOG Version

Postby SlenderPsycho » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:37 pm

Hello, I'm new to the forums here, but I've been relatively active in the Yooka-Laylee speedrunning community for quite some time. I exclusively own the game on GOG and play on Windows, however, many other people on the GOG forums have expressed concern and discontent with how the devs support the game on GOG. I understand the devs have to worry about 7 different versions of the game, Steam-Windows, Steam-Linux, GOG-Windows, GOG-Linux, PS4, XBone and now Switch. It is understandable that the console versions would have delayed updates, as there is a cert process updates must go through, however, GOG has no such cert process. The same for Steam. Given that both GOG and Steam are meant to work on identical platforms(PC and Linux), I do question why GOG lacks the support Steam gets. Yes, there are more users on Steam, but there is no communication to GOG users(of which there are also many users)and updates are either delayed or entirely not deployed, such as the most recent 1GB update to the Steam version. While this update may not have had much of an impact on gameplay or provided any new content, at least the Steam users know that their copy is still supported by the devs. I can't say the same for my copy. Any info we've been given about the GOG version has been issued through the Steam forums or through Twitter.

GOG version has been fixed. It appears that the missing main menu bug had something to do with the GOG Galaxy SDK.

I'm hoping future updates and DLC aren't delayed for GOG, but if they are I hope the devs manage to keep users informed. This bug was not the fault of the devs, but I had no way to tell.

I also would like to say that this isn't an angry post, it's mainly to call attention to some concerns GOG users have shared on the GOG forums. I share some of these concerns, but I love this game and have put in over 300 hours into playing it(fast).

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Re: Lack of support for GOG Version

Postby AndyR » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:51 pm

Hi Slender,

We’re working on a fix for the GoG versions and this should be out very soon (perhaps even today). Sorry for the inconvenience!

Regarding support, currently only the extended camera zoom and Japanese/Chinese languages aren’t there. Everything else is in parity with Steam and console functionality. For the post release patch, we hope you agree that 3 weeks is not a long time to release after Steam when we look at the amount of change which was introduced, indeed console had to wait longer!

Thanks for your support.

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