Another BK100% in the bag! [... and some fluff]

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Another BK100% in the bag! [... and some fluff]

Postby dotEXE » Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:21 pm

Had my old college roommate visit me over the weekend. When we started college we had already been best friends for 5 years (and we made it through all of college with no fights, who'da thunk it?) and before our first year started we decided we would 100% Banjo Kazooie the during the last two days of break before every semester started.

We would take turns alternating who did every level, and then also alternating who got Mumbo's Mountain each time we started so we weren't just doing the same levels to infinity.

After graduation we moved to different cities like you do, thankfully only 2 hours apart, but that put a damper on our Banjo Kazooie playing! He stayed for the weekend at my house though and during that time we set aside 6 hours to 100%+ Banjo Kazooie. I say plus because we decided to also include all the Stop N' Swop items, Mumbo Tokens, Cheato Visits, and hidden puzzles even though they're not on any totals screen.

There's just something so fulfilling about totally completing this game. I can't even exactly express it. It just feels like everything clicks.

The only thing I realized I really dislike is there's nothing to do with the last two jiggies. You collect 100, but it only takes 98 to unlock every single item. I guess the last two let you get those stop n swop items, which at the time was a reward, but since they don't get used I'd have liked to put those last two in a puzzle somewhere.

Hopefully we can add Project Ukulele to our longstanding tradition of completing collectathons. We do DK64 101% about once every two years, too. Old Rare games really are the best.
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