Nintendo's mixes of the DKC and DK64 games music in Smash Bros are horrrible

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Nintendo's mixes of the DKC and DK64 games music in Smash Bros are horrrible

Postby the8thark » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:27 pm

We all know the DKC trilogy and DK64 had amazing music. David Wise, Grant Kirkhope and co did an amazing job there. They took the limitations of the SNES and N64 consoles musically and worked wonders. Nintendo has since remixed many of these tracks for the different Smash Bros games. In almost every inastance the Nintendo done remix is worse than the original track.

Nintendo of cause didn't have the same limitations as were present on the SNES for Smash Bros. So they just added in sounds and totally screwed up the melodies that the original tracks had. Their additions did not enhance the tracks at all. Not all remixes of these tracks ate bad though. I've heard quite a few really good ones on random VG remix sites. The sad part is on many cases only yhe inferior remixed versions are available in Smash Bros. The superior original versions are not present.

This is not to say Nintendo are bad at making music. Koji Kondo and his team have done some truly amazing work. I just feel of recent at times Nintendo have lost sight of the most important part of making game music. The composing of it. This is why many NES and SNES games had far better music than the competition (Commodore 64, Sega etc) despite having worse musical hardware with less voices.

This is really a case of quality over quantity. More sound channels, better technology does not always make for better game music. If we look at Yooka Laylee as a modern day example. The music there is actually very good. probably not as memorable because it's closer to DKC rather than DKC 2. DKC was alla bout tracks that didn't take over the level and were more ambient in nature. DKC 2 threw that out the window and made the music one of the starsof the show. Yooka Laylee to me sounds like the former. More ambient in nature. While playing the game they would amazing. This is not to say one musical direction is better than the other. Both are just very different.

The folks who remixed the DKC tracks for Smash Bros didn't understand this. They also didn't even put in the original versions of all the remixed tracks so the player could choose which they preferred. I don't think it's a licensing issue as some of the original tracks are there, mostly for DKC1. DKC2, hardly any original versions are there. A shame as all the Smash Bros fans miss out on hearing David and Grant's amazing work.

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Re: Nintendo's mixes of the DKC and DK64 games music in Smash Bros are horrrible

Postby Rueckkoppler » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:42 pm

Smash is a fighting game first and foremost, so they often rearrange songs in a way to fit this theme. I agree that having the original DK64 tunes would've been great (like the original DK rap), but you can't tell me that the rearrangements of Crocodile Cacophony and Gangplank Galleon aren't amazing. They're totally honour the spirit of the originals, just with a faster pace and properly recorded instruments.

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