My 3d Platformer: Project Cog

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Re: My 3d Platformer: Project Cog

Postby GrayMagicΓ » Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:20 am

Fuzzy wrote:
GrayMagicΓ wrote:You misunderstand,I'm not talking about releasing footage of a game that's been worked on for a few months and getting constructive criticism and a few haters. I'm talking about making pretty much anything you find on Early Access nowadays, a thrown together Unity game that was made in under a week with borrowed assets and barely qualifies as a proof of concent, then getting near-unamimous hate.

Wall of Text incoming.

I see, so a really really... really early project stage.
Well then a solution may be to do something like a development blog, if you really wanted, and say that it's a blog showing development of a game from the very beginning.
And write down what you changed/updated/improved each time you make a post to make people look at those changes rather than the whole picture.
I know even then there might be people who shout "what a piece of sh-". But as long as they do not give a constructive "because..." you can easily ignore them or if you can even remove their comments.
It's a basic skill you learn in school: to give reasons why you judge something like you do. If people lack this skill they're not worth listening to.
It's almost funny to see, when you pay attention to that, how often people say "this is cool" or "that thing sucks" but do not say a single word about why.
All others who then can reasonably explain their opinion - and it's often nothing more than an opinion - will probably just add value to your project, even in very early stages, maybe even it's best there so you get the fundament of your project right.

And yes, a lot of those early access games look horrible, but also it's often the case that such developers won't even try to go for more and better content, even if you told them reasonably what to improve on.
Also if you release a playable version this is kind of a signal saying: "It's good enough to be played by people imo" when it's actually not.
If it is a project you are doing for basic practice you should make it identifiable as such and suddenly people become a lot nicer (as always: not everyone and also trolls are everywhere). If you just go like: "hey, here, this is my game!" sure people will go like "what? srsly?"

I agree, but as you said extremely early development is best shown off on a blog, if at all. The topic at hand was a "one level demo".

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