Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

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Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

Postby Yavga » Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:11 pm

To mods:

I could
make a single topic with all toybox feedback collected and summarized, as well as any new suggestions presented included.

This will make it possible to move all new topics in the "feedback topic" amd remove unnessesary additional suggestion topics.

Forum is getting a wee bit cluttered :p

Yes or no? It will take some time so I don't want to waste my time doing something that is not neccesary.
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Re: Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

Postby Xellos » Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:28 pm

You have my permission. Go forth and do God's work, young apprentice. :lol:

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Re: Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

Postby Yavga » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:46 pm

Great, tomorrow after work I'll start crunching some data XD

Edit: Is there a character limit for a single post?
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Re: Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

Postby Xellos » Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:21 pm

There's only one way to find out the answer to your question.

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Re: Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

Postby Yavga » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:09 pm

60000 char. max

hmmm... that changed things a bit. Let me think. I'll work it out.

Would it be possible to turn off the setting, posting my message when it is done and then turning the limit on again? I know it is possible in the back-end of phpbb but would you make an exception? I'm using a lot of spoiler tags to enclose all feedback.

first 2 pages are done.

Edit: Here is my pre-alpha of the first 2 pages :P


[*] Locking controls during dialogue
Locking out all controls when someone is talking is painful. At least let me walk around while it's happening?

Twice now I've gotten my 50th quill on the big orange tower with the ramps, forcing me to stop and listen to Inept say I've gotten 50 quills and then pushing me back down the slope I was on.

I would enjoy it a little better if the noises were just sped up so the text could reach the end of the sentence faster, like what happened in BK and BT.


[*] General Animation Feedback
When Yooka walks into a wall, the walking animation just plays very slowly, which looks very strange.

When you hold down the Roll button but don't actually move in any direction. That frozen pose is super awkward.
[*]No animation for pushing boxes/ball, or for stationary in rolling pose.

Sounds and Music

[*] General sound feedback
In the terrain test room, the different terrains did not change sounds or effects when I performed the ground slam move or rolled on them; they just sounded like the default terrain.

[*] Gibberish
At the moment if you attempt to skip dialogue, it just skips to the end of the sentence and forgoes all of the gibberish. I would enjoy it a little better if the noises were just sped up so the text could reach the end of the sentence faster, like what happened in BK and BT.


[*] Stiff moves
Some moves feel stiff. Just one example: the ground pound should give player control of movement direction after the ground bounce, instead of after the whole landing animation

[*] Triple attack combo
I have the Toybox+ but there is no triple attack combo. The control menu says there should be.

I too have the Toybox+ but there is no triple attack combo. The control menu says there should be.

I can't seem to perform the Attack Combo.

[*] Crouch slide jump
In BK and some other platformers, when you crouch after running, you slide a certain distance. It makes for really fluid platforming, so I noticed its absence when I ran and crouched into a high jump. It felt kinda stiff.

[*] Mid-air attack
What I would like to see added is a midair attack, like in banjo kazooie, not only because it's pretty cool to attack midair, but in banjo it did let you stay in the air for that little bit longer! And that little bit can make all the difference!

Movement and Control Input

[*] General Control feedback
I found the controls to be extremely sensitive and the camera kept shifting all too often which would ruin me in areas that required precision.

[*] Momentum
I also don't enjoy the lag on the ground pound, though I find it tolerable. When I hit the button I would very much like for Yooka to lose his momentum and then drop as opposed to him maintaining an ambiguous portion of it following his drop.

[*] Swimming
Swimming controls are sluggish. A single tap of a button can veer Yooka too far upwards and downwards, and takes a while to do so. Needs to be more responsive.

Underwater movements not responsive enough.

Hopefully they're going to add more control settings to the final game; if that's the case, I might change the underwater controls, since I'm not that happy with the current ones.

Speaking of swimming: it feels really slow. A button for a faster swim would be great.

The Water controls are something I need to get used to, as I am very used to press button to swim in the direction you are facing controls.

The underwater movement is a bit too drifty.

Swimming is difficult. Pushing Yooka down to swimming forward and down traps him facing straight down which is hard to break. I didn't get to swimming controls and kinda accidentally got to the place I needed.

The lag on the swim is also painful for me. Pressing A or X to rise is so delayed I often wind up much lower or higher than I anticipated as Yooka takes a couple of seconds after releasing to level out.

[*] Option for mouseless keyboard only controls
The keyboard controls work okay for the most part, but I'd really like to see the mouse taken out of the equation entirely, at least as an option. It doesn't help that the mouse wasn't locked to the window so that half the time, when I clicked, it would minimize the game because my mouse was actually on my second monitor.

[*] General rolling feedback
It's fun, but that tower was incredibly frustrating to get up. Probably don't base any rolling challenges on having to turn too quickly.

Rolling up the tower was a nightmare until I realized you could roll slowly. Would like to be able to roll backwards instead of having to turn in a loop to go back. Rolling in general is fun but very hard to control overall because of the sensitivity.

I really disliked the rolling controls, it takes a lot of getting used to and is quite innacurate and made getting up the tower on the second island quite frustrating.

rolling turn radius is wild.

The same goes for the rolling sprint ability. It was quite difficult to climb the mountains.

Rolling is odd, kinda hard to control around tight corners (took me 6 tries to get up the "Spiral Mountain")

[*] Slopes
Maybe it would be nice if jumping is still possible in sliding sections like the big blue slide with the red spheres.

Particles and Effects

[*] Splash marks
The area with the different floor textures: rolling and spinning in the water doesn't leave splash marks which I find quite odd. It destroys the illusion of shallow water.

[*] Underwater effect
My minor nit is the weird fishbowl barrel CRT distortion effect under-water.

The underwater effects were a bit irritating, maybe you could tone them down a little.

Camera Feedback

[*] General problems
I have had a few situations where the camera got snagged on a wall, obscuring my view for a few brief moments.

Camera needs some work. It likes zooming in and out by itself, especially by the see-saw section. I think it'd also be good to be able to position the camera directly above Yooka so I can see what's directly below me, and have the option to zoom it in closer and further away manually, as in the Banjo games

The camera often gets stuck against level geometry

I did have to wrestle with the camera quite a bit, which got a little annoying. It's like the camera was having trouble re-positioning itself when it came in contact with the environment.

I feel the camera really was an enemy in this game, getting stuck in places (Especially underwater) and would get way too close to Yooka. The camera made the tilting platform climb incredibly frustrating causing me to fall multiple times. I really wished for a way to pull the camera way or zoom out somehow as I did not need to see Yooka's butt that closely.

With the see-saw platforms on the final island, the camera was a little hard to work with there

The camera gets stuck every once in a while when going through tight spaces, like when going through the very small arch furthest to the right in the area with the stone arches.

Now the camera needs work and more options. The camera can freeze (for up to a second) when you push the camera against a wall, it needs to unfreeze before getting control back of the camera. I had to fight the camera a lot during the section with the seesaw.

Camera issues

the cameras on the see-saws were a nightmare, controller or no, and I would estimate that this has to do with the camera colliding with the walls.

[*] Remember camera position

I always use the most zoomed out view in Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie and find it really annoying how whenever I exit an inside area (such as Mumbo's skull) back into the main level, how the camera defaults back to the middle zoomed view. So if they have similar zoomed in/out view options in Yooka-Laylee, I hope they give you the option to somehow lock in your favourite view so that you don't have to constantly zoom back out or in if you prefer something other than the default view.

[*] No auto-adjust
There really needs to be an option to disable camera auto-adjust. It's VERY disorienting when playing with keyboard and mouse.

I played with controller but when jumping on platforms I wanted to look down to get a better feel for where I was at. As soon as I jumped it auto adjusted to where I didn't want it to go.

The biggest issue is the camera. I feel that it might be better if it didn't rotate back to behind Yooka. The corner roll jump (at the top of the tower) and the see-saw sections would be better if we could angle the camera sideways and have it stay there for a bit.

[*] Include first person view
No first person view to look around

The game absolutely needs a first person view to look around and maybe the possibility to put the camera further away!

[*] Fixed camera
Please use more fixed cameras in general! They're great! The see-saw platform section would have greatly benefited from a side on view.

The camera was almost unbearable when jumping up the see-saw platforms and just wouldn't cooperate. A fixed camera would be useful for a similar section in the full game.

[*] When camera gets behind wall, ability to see player character through wall.
Something I'd like to see, especially for the fixed camera segments, is a Torchlight-style fresnel shader for the character when they go behind walls. This would alleviate any issues of not knowing where the character is when there's a wall in front of them.

The fixed camera was wonderful. Based on the dialogue I think its safe to assume Playtonic was a bit unsure of it, and understandably. I think assuming it only appears in the proper zones (the see-saws could probably use it, as could the zone it was designed for), it would make a great addition.

[*] Inverted X-axis camera
Also, any chance of being able to invert the x axis on the camera as well?

About the only significant thing I can suggest is that an option to invert the X camera controls would be nice.

I really hope they add this option for the final game, because I'm barely into the Toybox+ and not really enjoying it because I keep turning the camera the wrong way to what I'm used to and it's SO frustrating

Have more options to change things, such as invert x on the camera.

it has the option to reverse the vertical axis, yet it misses the reverse horizontal axis option.

Maze Camera Area

[*]1st angle
[*]2nd angle
I liked the more zoomed out/bird's eye view option best, because I usually prefer a more zoomed out view in games so I can see my surroundings, as I find the close in views too claustrophobic.

I liked the second on that moved with you. (isn't that the first one?)

I did prefer the view which was closer to straight over as I found the walls occasionally obscured me with the lower, more angled shot. Had there been enemies I would have found this frustrating.

[*]3rd angle
I like the 3rd camera angle the best since parts of the maze are obscured and out of full view. Reminds me of how secrets and items were hidden in places like these in the N64 days.

For that top-down section, I think I preferred the semi-bird's-eye view from about a 45 degree angle. In the main sections of the game.

The 45 degree one was best.

the top-down view was fine but the 45° angle view should
still allow you to horizontally move the camera around.

Bugs & Glitches

[*] Camera keeps spinning
I ran into the high platforms where different camera angles were being tested. Before entering the entrance, I highjumped on top of the glass roof, spun the camera 180 degrees then dropped down and entered the entrance. This made me lose control of the camera- it spun around non-stop

[*] Doorway warp
Upon entering the hidden room with the particles effects, I was falling into the entrance. After the screen transition, Yooka was still falling into out of space, and I died and respawned at the beginning.

[*] Double Tail jump
I also encountered this strange double spring jump. Here is a screencap of it.
All I'm doing is holding crouch and jump while running off the edge of a platform.
Its very fun, but I suppose its a bug, since it doesn't occur while standing still and spring jumping.

I do not know an appropiate category name for these matters. Therefore: "Soon"

[*] Ledge grab
What I kind of miss in situations like this is a ledge grab ability

You absolutely need to add ledge grabbing, to climb up places, it is a big part of why platformers are so good!

Make the second jump of the double jump slightly higher and/or add a ledge grabbing mechanic.

add wall-grab to Yooka and Laylee's abilities! It feels so weird without it!


[*] Box push animations and environmental prop weight.
Only other thing is the box-pushing felt lifeless.

Pushing those boxes is not good, they feel like they have no weight at all, and there is no push animation!


[*] Writer Ghost
I found catching the ghost kinda hard for some reason, he dodges away too fast for me, but then he walked right into me so...

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Re: Would a collection topic help? (Mods)

Postby Xellos » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:35 pm

Hmm, I'll suggest that you ask Jens Restemeier about this and see if he would agree to make an exception for you.

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