POLL: Playtonic Kart Racer + Online Multiplayer

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Would online multiplayer be important to you in a Playtonic kart racer?

Total votes: 40

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Re: POLL: Playtonic Kart Racer + Online Multiplayer

Postby Rueckkoppler » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:38 pm

Scrubber wrote:
FailureFactory wrote:I may be a minority, but I really don't care about a YL kart racer. I didn't feel all that much of a connection to YL's cast, and so right now I don't see what a YL racer could offer that Mario Kart doesn't have. I don't want to just assume that a Playtonic racer will automatically be as good as DKR.

I agree. Yooka Laylees cast of characters was weak. The NPCs were uninspired, forgettable and lacking in personality.

Good reason to work on a Y-L sequel first? But if you think about it: They could also just develop new characters that will appear in the sequel, but first in the kart racer. It doesn't really matter, but from what I've heard so far, they should really spend some time in character design.

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Re: POLL: Playtonic Kart Racer + Online Multiplayer

Postby NPChilla » Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:44 am

I'm totally indifferent to online multiplayer.

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