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Postby Phenixer » Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:05 pm


I just saw the EGX video and I had tears in my eyes... I always have been grumpy about the fact that Microsoft bought RARE and made them stop making what they did best. I did not even know that the actual RARE team kind of felt the same.

Then I saw Chris Sutherland say : "We don't think too much about 'Competing', we are actually creating this for ourselves, we create what we think that makes us laugh". I just understood why RARE made so good games in the past, why they created such unique worlds, they were not bound to revenue, they were bound to making a product that they felt was worthy of themselves paying for it... Bravo.

If anyone from Playtonic sees this, I just want you guys to know I always remembered the good time I had while playing RARE's games and I was so much MISSING it. Seeing that you guys actually are doing EXACTLY what I always hoped for... This is a truly awesome day for me !

I hope everything works well and that you guys will truly create a successful game franchise / world.

P.S : I was also so happy when I saw Cyan's Kickstarter for a new Myst-like game. This is like if everyone understood it was time that the genuine game designers got back on there to save us from what I would call a "Game Manufacture Industry", with programmed obsolescence, where the game design is revolving around marketing techniques...


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Re: Playtonic

Postby GameFreak » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:18 pm

Playtonic's formation is nothing more than a dream come true. I literally shed a tear when I heard I will soon be able to once again experience the joy that those old "Rare" games used to give me.

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Re: Playtonic

Postby ottake » Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:26 pm

Publishers have this trend lately (I think it's a business strategy) of screwing everything up. Must be a long term market-positioning thing, "research shows that being poo-poo equals more income!".

The good developers end up indie, or taking off by themselves. From Japan to America, be it Keiji Inafune or Will Wright. You can't leave gold to rust, dev teams stay good even if the publishers don't greenlight their projects. I'm just glad that today when devs branch out they can sell downloadable games, and still be awesome on their own terms.

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Re: Playtonic

Postby Rueckkoppler » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:27 am

GameFreak wrote:Playtonic's formation is nothing more than a dream come true. I literally shed a tear when I heard I will soon be able to once again experience the joy that those old "Rare" games used to give me.

Oh yes, I felt the same. I was following that "Mingy Jongo" account on Twitter since 2013 I guess. (For anybody who doesn't know: ... njo-tooie/)

But they never posted anything in that time frame, while I had little conversations underneath their most recent tweet (sometimes in 2012). Last year somebody asked Grant Kirkhope & he admitted that it got canned, since everyone lived at different places.When they started a "reboot" right before christmas last year, I raised my hopes, but didn't expect that they actually form a whole company & go with it 100%!

Maybe some of you remember how they tweeted "CTRL", "ALT" & "DEL" followed by some binary codes and commands, right before "installing an update", "engaging reveal mode" & finally turning Mingy Jongo into Playtonic Games :mrgreen: With weekly gaps, they tweeted only one word or command for almost two months! Now THAT'S teasing, huh? :lol:

(By the way, I wonder how many of the "alleged failed" Mingy Jongo Project people went to Playtonic)

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