Is the DLC still happening?

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Re: Is the DLC still happening?

Postby Rueckkoppler » Fri May 18, 2018 11:04 am

When theres nothing to say other than complaining about PTG not communicating, nobody gains something from this. We know since the longest time that they're getting really quiet when working, so no, I don't see the contribution of complaining about this, other than staying in a repetitive loop. And a higher post count on these forums doesn't equal interesting discussions or some kind of achievement.

LDK777 wrote:
Rueckkoppler wrote:You know what's a contributing thought instead of pointless complaining?

He is contributing. You're the one that's not. You seem blindly dead set on dismissing any and all criticism of anything PTG as "demanding" or "complaining"

You should be able a fan of a company without letting simple basic criticism or suggestions rile you up so much.

Way to go to cut off my quote right before my "contribution" (E3 2018. Expect stuff around that time). Be it so tiny, it is more than the essence of Piets posts since he registered on these forums (which is: I want info. NOW! PTG should communicate. NOW! in various variations).

On topic: I'm cautiously curious about the DLC, because I hope that they'll fix the mistakes / shortcomings of the main game in that. I'm a Rareware-superfan, but wasn't blown away by Yooka either. And I really thought I would be.

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