Laylee's Big Red Nose

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Re: Laylee's Big Red Nose

Postby Meinhard1 » Wed May 25, 2016 6:50 pm

One cannot clearly define at which point a nose is too big. (This is largely subjective, and will depend on ones aesthetic tastes, as well as their own nose size and the genetic tenancies of those with whom they interact in their daily lives.) Given that the nose is large, even for a cartoon it is perhaps no surprise that it passes the "too big" threshold for some.
But while some have made it clear they find Laylee's nose off-putting, I think we can all agree that quirky/funny-looking character designs are a hallmark of vintage Rare. And it's great that this titles talented character designers are in a situation where they have some creative freedom, big weird noses and all!!

Anyways, I just plain think Laylee looks great.

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