One multi-themed expanding world

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One multi-themed expanding world

Postby Pgcrooner » Sun May 10, 2015 2:47 pm

I've heard this briefly mentioned on other threads and to my knowledge there hasn't been one directly focused on this.
Do you think that as worlds expand they have sub sections with various themes within. I started thinking about this again when I read about David Wise's band camp song for YYooka-laylee which at onr point said jungle/beach.
This could mean that as the jungle world expands it will revesl a beach themed area.
Any thoughts?

What multi-themed world ideas do you think could be implemented?

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Re: One multi-themed expanding world

Postby Yavga » Sun May 10, 2015 3:27 pm

Hmmm... The jungle world can lead to a crag landscape, eventually reaching to a volcano which you can reach the summit of through caverns in the mountain. The caverns reach a fork in the road. one going up, one going down. Up will bring you to the volcano, down wil lead you to a long forgotten frozen mine entrance. At the end of the mine will be a huge broken elevator, when fixed will take you to a swamp... nah, way too basic.

while passing through the jungle you will eventually find 2 giant stone slabs that bar your way. these slabs have a strange feature, it seems like there is some kind of broken visible contraption/mechanic in the stone.
Once these slabs will reveal themself to be a doorway when entering through you will reach the inside of a digital landscape made up entirely of circuitry, chips, and batteries combined with metal, cogs and machinery. It will be a pseudo steampunk/digital world once you venture further inside you will discover that this world is responsible for the layout and working of the jungle. Which means that if you trigger certain contraptions in the digital world the jungle world layout will change with it.

A desert world, featuring not pyramids but giant stranded rusted boats and the huge skeleton of a kraken (do kraken have a skeleton? well they certainly do now!) holding one of the boats which indicates that once upon a time this desert was some kind of sea that became a desert. while you navigate your way through this level you will eventually stumble upon a time portal which you can pass through. When venturing through you will enter the world in the state it was before it became the desert revealing the giant kraken as a boss. You are in the middle of a giant shipfight that the kraken is about to enter as a third party, jumping from boat to boat to defeat the kraken.

The town stuck in time. A world that features everything a town has to offer. This town seems to be frozen in time and everything that once lived is now frozen in place, while you navigate your way to the clock tower and manage to reactivate time everything will start moving again. creating certain new paths in town. One leading to an abandoned excavation site that noone may enter due dangerous gasses. which seems responsible for the halt in the towns' timeflow.

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Re: One multi-themed expanding world

Postby Pgcrooner » Mon May 11, 2015 2:46 pm

What if there is a forest level that when it expanded lead to a lumbering factory section? Before you expand the worlx you see an area that has tree stumps everywhere and a lone chainsaw on the floor. Or maybe you see a trail off the beaten path that leads to a dark and gloomy stretch of forest with dead trees. Once you expand the world it leads to a haunted forest with a creepy mansion in the middle? >=)

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