High Refresh rate monitor issues

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High Refresh rate monitor issues

Postby itsjch » Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:57 am

I am currently running a 144hz monitor on my PC. I am currently able to run 144fps solid on the game but when I turn my camera it seems to turn at a lower refresh rate around 60hz im guessing because when I run around and spin and the player model seems to be running at the intended FPS and fresh rate.

Please fix this playtonic! :o

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Re: High Refresh rate monitor issues

Postby xiriusnoodles » Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:14 am

60 fps is currently the standard in the animation tools that Playtonic uses (Autodesk Maya, for example). It may be that the Unity Engine is throttling the framerate of Yooka and Laylee's animations to 60 fps, as to prevent animation errors as you're spinning the camera about. As you spin the camera, you are rapidly introducing objects the engine must render, and to prevent a slowdown throughout the whole game, the engine could be cutting corners on the player model, since it figures you'll be paying attention to the spinning surroundings, rather than Yooka and Laylee. Don't take my word on it though.

On that note, this isn't a massive issue, in the grand scheme of things. Is it truly vital for a stylized game like Yooka-Laylee to run at 144 fps at all times? I imagine Playtonic would simply cap the game at 60 fps if the frame drop was that much of a problem.

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Re: High Refresh rate monitor issues

Postby Yavga » Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:21 am

Is there any benefit to anything above 60Hz at all? Is the difference visible or noticable in any way? (Curious)
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Re: High Refresh rate monitor issues

Postby CyanideInsanity » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:48 am

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