Differences between systems

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Differences between systems

Postby IndridCold » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:06 am

As the day when backers will choose which system's version to get approaches, I think it would be better if we could know in advance whether there are any differences between versions, and make an informed choice.

Those could be technical differences, such as "The Switch version has a max of 720p while others can run at 1080p", as well as anything that might affect gameplay, such as console versions using motion controls optionally while the PC version won't have any. Basically, any difference at all that could be important to someone when it comes to choosing a version.

People who buy the game after it comes out will have reviews and other reports from people who have played it in order to figure out which version works best for them, so it would only be fair if backers did too.

Has Playtonic said anything about possible differences at all? I don't know if they read this forum.

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Re: Differences between systems

Postby Piet » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:28 am

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Re: Differences between systems

Postby Traveller » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:09 am

I doubt there will be any differences, I expect they will all target exactly the same output and performance.

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Re: Differences between systems

Postby Rueckkoppler » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:14 pm

Yeah i think now with Switch, every version of this game will be pretty much on par. Note: I'm talking about this game specifically, not about an Uncharted or Assassin's Creed :)

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Re: Differences between systems

Postby Scrubber » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:00 pm

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Re: Differences between systems

Postby GeneralWalnut » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:38 pm

I've been wondering a lot of the same stuff, since Unity has a pretty spotty history with console support. If the footage way back in the summer where PlayStation Access played the demo even then it held a pretty steady framerate, though the shadows were a bit not great compared to the PC version. The PS4 toybox performs just about identically to the PC version.

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Re: Differences between systems

Postby alexh » Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:03 pm

You can see from the videos on YouTube that there are definitely different capabilities on different platforms.

Some videos have real shadows and others have sprites

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