New soundtrack snippets!

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New soundtrack snippets!

Postby Rueckkoppler » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:01 pm ... l-download

Follow me to spoiler town... nah, kidding, I'm just opening the gate.

Apparently, you can listen to Shipwreck Creek's theme, a new minecart theme and a new arcade song. There's also a tracklist, in which they gave the worlds generic names (world 1, world 2, ...). Well, by doing that, we also know the number of total worlds. Apparently!

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Re: New soundtrack snippets!

Postby AJC0MICS » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:06 pm

I'm a bit worried about what happened to the "GK Rap".
The only track name that could be associated with this song is "Main Theme". I was actually hoping for an instrumental ukulele-based main theme similar to Banjo-Kazooie, whereas the "GK Rap" plays during the game's credits sequence.

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Re: New soundtrack snippets!

Postby Meinhard1 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:40 pm

Well, not sure I can justifiably listen to all these previews, but clicked to the end of each one and they all have "endings" which is ludicrous great.

I and many of you are tying to avoid spoilers, but I cannot help but speculate.


The boss theme list starts with Uphill Battle, which is probably for the Rampo battle we've all seen, and likely heard as "E3 2016 Trailer music." The rest of the list gives hints at worlds and bosses which follow. (This also confirms the number of worlds, which in hindsight is no surprise.)

A list of boss themes:

I think world 3's (presumptive) boss theme is the most ambiguous. I get a certain idea from World 5's.

Regardless, the CD inside cover seems to hint at a world identity:

In my view the art is not a spoiler, as it creates more questions than answers. Still spoiler tagged ... I think it confirms a world.

To me the box art looks to quite literally show a character parade!! (And suddenly I am child with a candy bucket, sitting on a dirty streetside) Also the back has an interesting, cinematic look at Capital B, had my trying to zoom in for more detail...


- Surprised to see no credits theme ... it's often the nicest part of a game soundtrack, with BK's being an example of this.

- GK Rap. Nothing concrete but reading in between the lines of tweets ... getting the impression they're still working on the GK Rap.

- No Hivory Towers channel fades ... it's the nature of soundtracks not to include *everything* and we already know Tribalstack Tropics has more than 2 alternate fades. Relatedly, nothing to suggest a game show, but if BK's the precedent, then this would be a Hivory Towers variation.

- Tropic Trials is clearly David Wise's Jungle Challenge. Would've been nice to see counterparts to this for other worlds, but ah well this soundtrack is primarily Grants.

- The soundtrack description and credits mentions nothing to do with an orchestra

Closing thoughts

Anyways, this is sort of an ultimate collectors piece. I get excited for films and games on the basis of soundtrack alone; Wise and Kirkhope together on a disc is a Capital Big deal. The overall package is irresistible. The inclusion of "endings" for looped tracks is a great detail. The art here is fantastic and I appreciate that it's not simply the box art.

As a stray thought: always wanted something like this for Tropical Freeze, in a roundabout way this sort of compensates for that. Maybe soothes over is the better wording.

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