PLEASE, change world 3 lighting! (Spoilers)

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PLEASE, change world 3 lighting! (Spoilers)

Postby Minionwithamission » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:50 pm

First of all, this game looks gorgeous. Worlds are full of life and, specially Shipwreck Creek, Tribalstack Tropics, Glitterglize Glacier and Galleon Galaxy are just a joy to watch. I find that the scale of elements (platforms, corridors, trees, buildings) is a little bigger than it should be, given the size of Yooka, but overall the game looks awesome. There is so much art to appreciate here and there and the combination of colors, lighting and background elements is often great. That's why it hurts me so much that Moodymaze Marsh aesthetics look so so so SO visually bland, something that has been agreed around pretty much everywhere.

First of all, being a spooky level it has been treated with a darker tone that simply doesn't suit well the graphics of this game. I know that this worked pretty well with Donkey Kong Country 2, but light is crucial in Yooka-Laylee and in this swamp there is hardly any spotlight, so the characters and the elements of the level look very bland under it. The marsh looks way better when there are candles, jack o'lanterns and glowing mushrooms near, so I think this problem could easily be mermed increasing the amount of these elements in the level. To make it look more like in this image, which is not very representative of the world itself.

The color selection is bad too, because the green floor gets confused with Yooka itself when, again, there is no light near (which is most of the level). The fact that the background is made of huge black tree silhouettes doesn't help at all, because due to the world labyrinth structure the camera is usually pointing more to the floor and the only part of the background that you're able to see most of the time is just a black continuum that is quite ugly. I believe that the background could be easily improved giving more presence to the blue foliage and with more color (glowing mushrooms, giant pumpkins, a bit more of vegetation) without determining the halloween theme of the level, which is neat.

And finally, geometry is pretty weak here too (aren't those rocks and mushrooms coming from the cave showed in the beta?), specially if you look far away and you just see an horizontal and plain tablecloth of mud with some badly modeled brambles. The other worlds made a fantastic job blurring the limits of the playable level, but in the marsh it is poorly done. All these things combined make this world look like, I don't know, Rayman 2 in HD, which is pretty underwhelming coming from the preciosity that is Glitterglaze Glacier.

I know that miracle patches are nowhere to be found in this industry, but I really want this game to be as great as it deserves and I'm pretty sure that this aesthetic problem with the marsh can easily be solved with some minor adjustments. Man, Capital Cashino just looked so much better making the card pyramid shine with neon, so I really hope that Playtonic gives some time to Moodymaze Marsh to make it look more in the line of artistic quality that the other worlds show.
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Re: PLEASE, change Moodymaze Marsh lighting!

Postby ShanPen » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:48 pm

Maybe change the title of your post to something like "Please change the lighting in world x" so it doesn't spoil the name and theme of a level for those of us waiting for the Switch version? :(

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Re: PLEASE, change world 3 lighting!

Postby ZeroJanitor » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:28 am

^it still shows up in the title of your reply

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Re: PLEASE, change world 3 lighting!

Postby Violentrain » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:47 am

Yea, I'd have to agree. Everything about this level to me was pretty weak especially its visuals and I don't think fixing that would get me to like it anymore.

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Re: PLEASE, change world 3 lighting! (Spoilers)

Postby Ciro » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:17 am

While the first image you posted is a good one, Yooka and Laylee looks brighter than normal on it and they're unaffected by the darkness and the lights around, which would look pretty weird.

Also, this world has a pretty well-balanced lighting to me, unlike the lighting in most of the game.

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