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Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:25 pm
by Mew Mew Psychic
So I've been hesitating for the greatest while and well, since I cannot find the official fanart thread (is it dead?) and since I just wanna share my sketches related to Yooka-Laylee, I thought I would create this thread.

If I've broken some rule or something, feel free to direct me to the correct thread. Anyway!

If the text is too small to read any of those things' dialogue boxes, just right-click and select 'View Image' to see them in their original resolution. I'll also include captions for those who come off as too small for the site.

Given I did not make a mistake by creating this thread (leading me to delete it), I intend to post three sketches per day (more or less) until it catch up with my latest image on the art sites I go to.

Comments, questions, suggestions, what not are welcome!


Yooka-Laylee is a duo (and a setting) that I found to be surprisingly fun to draw about! And as such, I've been drawing a large number of sketches involving them!

So before we get to anything truly interesting... here is my experiment at translating the dynamic duo to my usual style!


Not a bad first attempt. Don't worry, it (thankfully) gets (marginally) better!

Having designed my own portrayal of the duo, I thus decided to draw them doing what they do best!

[Yooka] I...I think I messed up that jump...
[Laylee] You think?!

Getting into trouble and generally failing at things! In this particular case, Yooka, not having the sheer experience of his predecessor, completely fail at crossing an easy gap!

Not to worry! For Laylee shall come to the rescue of our mediocre platforming hero!

[Laylee] "Are you sure you can do this"?! My wings are stronger than they look! C'mon! Trust me!

[Laylee] A-alright. I might have SLIGHTLY overstimated my wings' strength...

... on second thought, good thing our protagonists got a perpetual infinite lives cheat on. That's gotta hurt...

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:58 pm
by Mew Mew Psychic
No comments? No one to tell me that I should have stuck to Photobucket links?

... hopefully, it isn't because you all disliked my sketches so much that you didn't want to grace them with comments but rather because you all found them so funny that it robbed you of any idea as to how to respond.

Anyway! As I said yesterday, I intend to show more of what I drawn on the official forums so... here it is!


Here is the first of my mini-comics! Yooka and Laylee prepare to face the fearsome boss of the third world! However, due to the boss's nature, they end up running into some slight technical difficulties...

[Sign] Evil Tentacle Boss Lair. Stay out!

[Yooka] Alright! Third boss! Here we go, Laylee!

[Yooka] What's the matter, Laylee?
[Laylee] I'm not going in there! Nu huh! No way!
[Yooka] What? You get scared now? Of all times?

[Laylee] It's a tentacle monster!
[Yooka] And?
[Laylee] I'm a girl!
[Yooka] Aaand?
[Laylee] I'm not wearing anything!

[Yooka] On second thought, it's not like we need every page to beat the game! Let's go, Laylee!

I think that last comic speak for itself. Of course, our duo are truly as close as close can be. Despite being a chameleon and a bat respectively, they've been able to make it work quite well, one might say!

Still, there do happen to be some drawbacks to having a bat as your partner...


Much to Yooka's dismay, this isn't exactly a rare occurence either. The purple bat sure seems to be fond of biting his frills...

[Laylee] You know, most couples would find that kinky.

Of course, not content being a snack, Yooka once came up with a solution to try and stop his partner from biting him all the time. His plan was relatively clever but Yooka being Yooka, he didn't exactly think the whole thing through.

... cue the obvious, expected results.

[Yooka] Not this time! With this transparent steel helmet, you-

And thus, here is my second round of sketches. I hope you will have found them entertaining and funny!

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:42 am
by Yuke Quantum
Good job. Keep it up!

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:50 am
by Mew Mew Psychic

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:39 am
by Mew Mew Psychic
As we all know, Yooka-Laylee was marketted as the return of old-school 3D platformers and like the series that inspired it, feature plenty of adult-oriented jokes. As one might have guessed from my sketches so far, I decided to include plenty of that.

In this particular case, our duo decide to check out the internet after the release of their game. Wonder what kind of awesome fanart they'll run into?

... it's the internet. We all know what they're gonna find! ^w^

(and if you don't get what I mean, ask your parents!... on second thought, don't.)

[Laylee] Oh boy! I can't wait to see what kind of fanart we got now that our game launched!
[Yooka] Let's check it out!

[Laylee] Oooh! I'm so excited! Say, what's this "Rule 34" thing? Check it out!
[Yooka] Alright, here we go!

[Laylee] That's an outrage!
[Yooka] Yeah! That's right!
[Laylee] I'm MUCH better than that! And you never last this long! EVER!
[Yooka] Yeah I-

[Yooka] LAYLEE! I thought we agreed NOT to feed the shippers!

Remember the dev team's tendency to create lame enemies and NPCs by shoving goggly eyes on top of anything and everything they can think of? Yooka-Laylee still feature this kind of enemy!

Laylee, being Laylee, couldn't help but notice...

[Laylee] Seriously? A snowman? What's next? A toilet?

[Laylee] Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?

Our heroic duo's exploration of the internet and the wonderful world of fanart continues!

Laylee is officially a female, is identified as a female, and sounds like a real female bat but well, due to years of being subjected to males that look more like ladies than actual ladies, players have been conditioned to assume that all characters are male unless given enough 'proof'.

... and well, Laylee doesn't walk around with lipstick, eyeliner, ribbons, super long eyelashes, or other cartoon gender identification traits of this type.

The results speak for themselves, much to Laylee's dismay...

[Laylee] Hey! Let's check out more of that fanart stuff! I heard they draw us together! As in, together-together!
[Yooka] You know, if you wanna do something, I'm right here. You just have to ask...

[Laylee] Wait... what's THAT?!

[Yooka] Don't you think you're kind of over-
[Laylee] NOO!!

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:47 am
by Mew Mew Psychic
No replies? I guess people must have not noticed the posted sketches yet. Or maybe they're too busy to post comments?

Well, I guess all I can do is post more of them for now.


Taking a break from drawing mini-comics, here are some single picture sketches! Starting up with me attempting to draw the duo relaxing, just like in the game's intro.

Aren't they cuuuuute?


Then we have Laylee trying her hand at naming the nice shipwreck that the duo call home. Hmmm... wonder why Yooka is so upset?

[Laylee] What? You don't like the name?

And finally, we have some humorous antics involving our duo, now that they've moved in into that shipwreck and remade it into a comfortable house.

Yooka, being a chameleon, got the ability to change color! And well, like any male with functional hormones, he eventually thought of trying to use that ability for various purposes!

... of course, Yooka being Yooka, he didn't exactly think it through before attempting his little stunt...

[Laylee] First, your natural camouflage blows, stop it. Second, I never wear clothes so why do you keep trying to spy on me while I'm in the shower anyway?

And thus ends another round of our duo's antics! In what kind of absurd (and probably very stupid) situation will they find themselves in next?

I have absolutely no idea! Why are you staring at me like that? Leave me alone!

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:24 pm
by Capital B
I like these drawings Mew. If I may suggest one, you should do one of Yooka gaining a pair of pants by drinking a Tonic from Vendi and Capital B still sees him as not wearing any pants, as a reference to Yooka not wearing any pants in cutscenes due to the tonic being a cosmetic effect. XD

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:12 pm
by Yuke Quantum

Mew, you're a bit twisted and I love it! Haha

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:57 pm
by Mew Mew Psychic
@Capital B

I am so glad that you like my sketches! And well, I didn't exactly draw a mini-comic of that but I did do a few mini-comics regarding the whole pants thing. One of them will be featured here today! Hope you like it!

@Yuke Quantum

One might definitely say that. I just enjoy drawing the duo and putting them into silly situations, with the humor sometimes being quite twisted and innappropriate. I'm really glad you love it and hope you will keep loving it!

Yooka and Laylee have finally managed to recover all the Pagies, restoring the all-powerful One Book! With the power to rewrite reality at their fingertips, what shall our duo wish for? Infinite power? Immortality? More wealth than half the planet combined? Or maybe knowledge of the universe's greatest mysteries?

Pfft, everyone knows that there is only thing that Yooka can possibly, logically wish for!


[Yooka] Pants... I wish for pants!

[Yooka] Where are the pants?
[Laylee] What a rip-off! It did nothing!

Laylee's most recognizable trait is her gigantic, brightly colored nose! But though having a large nose is a common trait for bats, Laylee stand out even among bats. In fact, she stand out to the point that even other bats mocked her for it, according to her official background story!

But still, how did Laylee get such a huge honker of a nose? Was she born with it or did...

Oh my...

[Yooka] So... I always wondered. Were you born with your nose like that? How did it become like this.
[Laylee] Promise me you won't laugh...
[Yooka] I won't.
[Laylee] Okay then...

[Narration] Mad Monster Mansion, 1998
[Laylee] I sure hope I do well. This is my first day working for Gruntilda...

Not every species reproduce as quickly (or slowly) as humans and despite their behaviour, Yooka is a chameleon and Laylee, a bat. And well, bats, like most rodents, tend to have extremely large families.

And that, much to the dismay of our duo.

Thankfully, Yooka is imaginative when it comes to seeing the positive in bad situations!

... unfortunately, Yooka being Yooka, it does not mean that the ideas he get are necessarely good ones.

[Yooka] Some family reunion...
[Laylee] What? It's not MY fault you didn't know about my twenty sisters! Do you have any idea how big bat families are?

[Yooka] Soooo...

[Laylee] You're NOT sleeping with them, scale face!
[Yooka] Even if they say yes?
[Laylee] ESPECIALLY if they say yes!

And thus ends today's round of silly sketches! Hope you enjoy them!

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:29 pm
by Mew Mew Psychic
With those next three sketches, this thread will have caught up, for the most part, with most of my art galleries when it come to Yooka-Laylee sketches. This is not to say that I won't post more sketches (especially if I get funny or cute ideas from suggestions) but the posting rate will definitely slow down.

Still, I hope you enjoy those sketches!

Yooka and Laylee might be the successors to a certain duo, their abilities are still very different in many ways. And in particular, the two lack a certain move that the duos once used.

By a twist of fate, the two have just encountered a dangerous blast from the past! How can our duo possibly deal with it?

[Limbo] Foolish reptile! Without the bear's and bird's Wonderwing ability, you two can never defeat me!

[Yooka] I can't believe it worked.
[Laylee] Bottomless pits! A bat's best friend! Work every time.

Believe it or not, I sketched this joke before the comeback of a certain somebody. It's just that the timing for me posting this sketch on this board happen to be, well, awfull convenient...

[Laylee] Do you REALLY intend to go on an adventure naked? Not that I mind but surely you got something?
[Yooka] Actually, yes! I found this cool shirt!

[Laylee] I say we burn it.
[Yooka] I'll go get the lighter.

Do anyone remember the days before the game's release? Yooka being male may be common knowledge nowadays but due to his appearance and a couple of factors, confusing him for a girl used to be awfully common. In fact, I still see it happen quite a few times with people who are not intimately familiar with the game.

So! I decided to draw something in honor of those good old days!

[Yooka] Why do everyone say I'm a girl? Do I look like a girl?

[Narration pointers] (shape) Soft curves. (eyes) Look like eyeliner/eyelashes. (expression) Perpetual shy/moe look. (chest) Noticeable chest curve for a non-mammal. (frame) Does not sport western male character T shape. (lower body) Amazing femboy lower curves. (hips) Killer platformer protagonist hips. (feet) Foot structure give slightly girly stance.

[Laylee] Yeah right, a total model of perfect masculinity. How can anyone ever confuse you for a girl. Seriously.
[Laylee] (thinking) Dude, you're more of a girl than I am!

And this is it for the daily dose of sketches!

Hope you all enjoyed this set!

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:16 pm
by Capital B
Nice one Mew! Oooh! I thought of the perfect suggestion! (I hope you can draw Banjo and Kazooie, don't know if you can as it involves them.) What if Yooka and Laylee met Banjo and Kazooie? I've always wondered how they'd react if they met each other, since I doubt Playtonic would ever have that actually happen if they were to a make a sequel one day.

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:40 pm
by DarkTone
They look good. But those speech bubbles need work.

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:55 am
by Mew Mew Psychic

Re: Mew's picturesque Yooka-Laylee sketch junkyard

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:47 pm
by Mew Mew Psychic
Hey people! Guess what? I actually did start a new fanart series about our favorite, hapless, and witless interspecies duo! Actually, I started more than one but I shall not show the other one on this site...


Here it comes!


Yooka might be styled after those 90s era platformer characters but he wasn't actually part of the era. Why is this relevent? Well, you see, those days were the glory days of a certain blue hedgehog who became famous for being able to run through loop-de-loops, a stunt that many heroes of the era tried to replicate and that few successfully emulated.

Yooka always dreamt of replicating the feat but didn't have confidence to attempt it... until the end of his first official adventure! Now that he got the confidence, our (not-so-smart) hero shall try to finally fulfill his dream!

What could possibly go right?

[Yooka] I'm finally gonna do it! I'll do what every platformer hero try at least once and that only a select few manage!
[Laylee] Star in a game that doesn't suck?
[Yooka] No. Clear a loop-de-loop! Like the famous blue one!
[Laylee] You mean ex-famous.

[Yooka] Now that I'm in-character, LET'S DO THIS!
[Laylee] A dress?! I hate dresses! Flying with one is nigh-impossible!

[Laylee] The hyperspace hammer's kinda cool though... Still, why pink and with hearts? Who designed this thing?
[Yooka] Now to find a loop-de-loop!

[Yooka] Yeah! That will do nicely!

[Laylee] I know that I'm supposed to be the unhinged one but... Are you SURE about this?
[Yooka] After all the experience I got us clearing slopes? YES! LET'S DO THIS THING!

[Laylee] I'd hit you for your stupidity but somehow I doubt I could do worse than what you did to yourself. Seriously. Ow.

And thus ends Yooka's first attempt! ^w^