Post Update: Desires and Bugs

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Post Update: Desires and Bugs

Postby baker_boy0017 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:43 pm

Hey! I've played through the game again with the new update, and have a list of things that I know a lot of us would still like to see implemented, or things that I still can't get past in wanting. In addition, I have a list of bugs I've uncovered in the game thus far. I'm putting the wish list in front so Playtonic has a harder time ignoring it if they want to find the bugs :D

1. Rextro should reward both pagies at once if you beat the high score after the first try. Let us see high scores before playing the game.

2. Hurdle Hijinx & Up n' Nova should have some way of telling you how close you are to the end. They feel like they go on so long that it crushes the spirit...

3. Kartos "reload" visual should be more obvious. While the red jaw was a nice touch, it sometimes gets lost in the other details of what is happening: perhaps make his whole face turn red instead of just the lower jaw?

4. Totals menu should include "Time Spent in World" stat. I can't possibly be the only one who loved this in BK, right? It's fun for the same reasons overall speed runs are fun.

5. Totals menu should start on whichever Grand Tome you are currently in. Making the scrolling faster was nice, but why has this not yet been implemented? If needed, we could surely add a single button that takes us to the first Totals screen instantly, right?

6. Slurp State and Slurp Shot timer of some sort. It is immensely frustrating not knowing when you'll run out, and it seems like a basic thing to supply us with. Maybe just a simple bar that pops up underneath our energy? Make something happen!

7. Collisions with Destroyed Objects should go away immediately. It isn't fun waiting three seconds to get things from destroyed objects.

1. Manual mode camera shakes violently if you and it get too near a wall.
2. Googly Eye baddies sometimes get stuck in place in midair after getting hit off ledges.
3. Lizard Lash crate near the "Pumping Plant" in world 3 is highly glitched. Hard to explain.
4. Framerate issues occur much more often (never had them before). More prevalent near water (but only happens sometimes).
5. Bee-Bop framerate issues. Started getting quite severe.
6. World 5 race with Nimble has three Ice Asteroids you need to melt to get by. However, they enlarge before shrinking down when you melt them (still).
7. Ground pounding while on grated floors (like outside the toxic tunnel pagie in Hivory Towers) causes YL to freeze in the animation while on the ground, and then five seconds later they ground gets the "pound" part and everything is normal again.
8. The INDEPT outside Glitterglaze Glacier that guards the beehive hit me while I was in midair despite its laser pointing (like normal) to the ground.
9. Sonar Shot objects don't always respond unless you hit them from right angle (e.g. sleeping statues)
10. Googly Eye baddies are somehow immune to Sonar Shot for the first few seconds after them take over an object. Seems to be somewhat hit-or-miss.
11. Various collision boxes need work. So far I've noticed: Statues in Capitol B's Office. (I'll put more down as I remember them)
12. Hurdle Hijinx Corplets hurt you when rolled into.
13. The expanded world 3 "Cage Match" drops the cage when you fly high over the deck, but somehow excludes Yooka and Laylee, so they are outside it! Was still possible to get the pagie with Sonar 'Splosion and some patience with the Corplets.
14. Expanded world 4's "Yooka Laylee" ball drop commonly gets stuck and won't reset after all the balls go away.
15. Reptile Rolling into the Large Corplets while they are sleeping causes you to get hurt.
16. Some major framerate dips during the final boss, when the "shockwaves" are going out. I just died during that fight as a result of the game not registering my jumps because the framerate dipped so much.

Let me know if there are any other major bugs you guys find and I'll add it to the list. Or if there are other major changes you still would really like to see that I didn't think of! Keep up the good work Playtonic!
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Re: Post Update: Desires and Bugs

Postby Capital B » Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:48 am

When you roll into a Corplet Minion in Hurdle Hijinx, you can get stuck and unable to jump causing you to lose a life by the screen catching you. It can screw you over when trying to beat Rextro's high score on it, so a temporary solution is, DO NOT ROLL INTO THE MINIONS AT ALL! Instead, just jump over them. The glitch seems to happen often, if you knock him back instead of getting stuck, you are lucky.
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Re: Post Update: Desires and Bugs

Postby baker_boy0017 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:59 pm

Added it to the list. I think I've seen that one too: I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be the case or not. But I'm also pretty sure - now that I think about it - that I have seen rolling take down the corplets in that game, so it's got to be a bug when it doesn't.

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