Beat roughly 2/3 of the game, time for an opinion and questions

Discussion and feedback for Playtonic's debut game, platformer adventure game Yooka-Laylee!
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Beat roughly 2/3 of the game, time for an opinion and questions

Postby Exaskryz » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:52 am

Glad the game finally came out. Got around to beating it and finding my name in the credits. So that's sweet. Here's my take:

1) The 100 Pagie limit to fight Capital B was scary high at first. But then looking at world totals, that was great! 145 possible Pagies because I forgot about the hub world counting.

2) The game is beatable by skipping World 3 which is cool. And that's how I beat the game. I was disappointed that the World 3 moves could not be learned in World 4, but at least the game was still beatable.

2a) Why would you make the Dr. Quack's Quackfire Questions involve Worlds we haven't visited? I was able to guess correctly though.

2b) Was the final boss with Blasto shooting him supposed to make sense in World 3? I had 101 pagies to beat the game, and the 100th was finding Blasto back in Shipwreck Creek. Had I skipped that one, I would have never met Blasto from what I recall, and only Blastooie at the top of Tribestack Tropics.

2c) Felt weird to have the shopping carts in Shipwreck Creek for the post-game cutscene. I've never met them.

3) I didn't like the frame lag still present in the Switch version. After a year of optimizing, you'd think the game would flow well. I could understand when at the top of TST that the game might run slower, but it was when explosions happened on screen or something with an enemy appearing near the camera that it would pause for half a second.

4) The game otherwise looked beautiful, so, that's cool.

5) The game is still full of glitches, which is good and bad. Made it fun to play. I may get some screenshots uploaded to demonstrate the best/worst glitches.

6) I overall liked to cheese the game. I solved most of the wind-blowing obstacles without the ability to take on heavy weight from cannonballs. Notably I was able to get past the small little bit above Kratos in TST and on the way to unlocking World 2 (or finding the shortcut from World 2 to World 1? I forget what with the bridge.)

6a) But speaking on the point of cheesing. I did a lot of fun platforming. Then I get to world 5, and we unlock flying at any time we want. That nullified how cool it was to climb in the world with the cheesiest of jumping. Which is a shame, because I'd love to show off those screenshots of climbing to strange places, but now anyone would just assume I was flying there.

6b) The puzzles were great, and I counted cheesing as half the puzzle. Some of these things I probably still don't know how to solve properly.

7) The game felt long enough. Including goofing off, it took over 24 hours to beat the game. And that's having explored only Expanded Worlds 1, 2, and 5 and Unexpanded World 4. It would not have taken so long if I played the game properly though.

8) The boss fight was hard, possibly too hard. It wasn't clear how you were supposed to beat Capital B. The Phase 1, I initially tried to Buddy Slam on Capital B after attacking him, which turns out to be the slowest method. Unless you get Super Slam, then it's not bad. Watching a video guide to figure out if there's a pattern like "Hit his bottom, then hit is tie, then hit his face" revealed you could simply Tail Twirl for damage. Not so intuitive, but made the fight loads easier after that.

9) Somehow I lost progress on the Hat Collection quest in World 2. That wasn't cool, no pun intended. After matching 3 hats and finding 4 snowmen and 4 hats, it was clear that there was a fifth snowman and hat. So I though expanding the world would make it easier to find them.. In hindsight, kind of dumb, but it also seems the Ghost Writers are like that by requiring world expansion for them all. I only found all 5 ghost writers in TST, all other stages they must be hidden well or in the expansions.

10) I was disappointed by the camera showing us where the Mollycool was in World 5. In the final world, which should be difficult, that part felt like it was handed to us.

11) The music is alright for most of the game. I haven't listed to World 3 yet of course, so maybe there's some classics in there. But I really did like World 5 music, that was on point.

12) In the hub world around World 3, the water is clear so long as the camera is above the water. But once the camera goes underwater, it's murky. That felt like a glaring mistake and inconsistency, given the game.

13) Turn radius during rolls and flying made it difficult to enjoy some of these challenges.

13b) Especially when you need to capture butterflies with a tiny hitbox. During races, if you miss and try to turn around real quick for it, you're not going to have an easy time turning. For rolling, if possible (not always due to hazards like the toxic waste), you can stop rolling and walk and jump into the butterfly, but that's not as possible during flight. Butterflies should've had larger hitboxes or Y/L should've had a gravity effect to pull them in if you stand around them for long enough (1s).

Overall, the game was pretty fun. I liked the large worlds, although warping through doors in the first couple of worlds was confusing at first when trying to figure out the world. Would have preferred doors that are logically adjacent to each other instead of across the map.

I do hope this game wasn't too much of a disaster for Playtonic and further games get to come out. I always felt a bit bad about the dialogue fourth-walling sequels because the game didn't have as good of critical reception as I've wanted, and have in Twitch streams/chats seen people talk about just waiting for a sale on YL because $40 isn't worth it. But speaking of dialog

14 bonus) I liked the witty dialog and plethora of puns. Thanks for writing the game well, writers.

Thanks Playtonic for making a pretty good game. It was overall enjoyable to play through this one. I hope the next project moves forward with far fewer hitches.

(For what it matters, I haven't played any 3D Platformers in the past couple years; last one was Super Mario 3D World. I haven't done Odyssey, so I am not trying to compare against that game which I've heard is marvelous.)

Yooka-Laylee: 7.5/10
Woaaaah, it finally came out! :o

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Re: Beat roughly 2/3 of the game, time for an opinion and questions

Postby baker_boy0017 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:08 am

I like what you had to say.

Should I put the Hivory Towers world-3-room water element in the glitches/bug thread? Because that really irritated me too...

As for the flying move taking away how awesome cheesing the game is, I totally get it. However, even Banjo arguably had this problem, even if you couldn't take off exactly anywhere you wanted. Still, I think Playtonic could probably figure out something better for the next game.

I would probably meet your score for the game. As for Odyssey, I only recently beat that 100%, and while it is a great game... there are some moons (2, maybe 3) that are so terrible to get that I cringe at the thought of playing it through again LOL. But I haven't had that issue with Yooka-Laylee!

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