Bad stuttering in Expanded Tribalstack Tropics

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Bad stuttering in Expanded Tribalstack Tropics

Postby tgk72 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:12 pm

EDIT: I just figured out the issue! G-sync was on and when I turned it off and started up the game the framerate is perfect regardless of graphic setting or where in the world my camera is facing.

Im still only on the first world so I can't confirm if this happens anywhere else yet. But I've been playing the game at maximum settings, and very easily at that, but when I expanded the Tribalstack Tropics anytime I "point" my camera at the large new floating platform monument area in the distance the framerate drags to an unplayable stutter. The only way to remedy this somewhat is to drop the quality to "Good". But when I climb up to the top of the monument or simply get high enough to where I can look down and see the entirety of the level the framerate stutters at an unplayable state regardless of graphic setting anytime I look down to see the rest of the level.

This makes it very hard to do that area due to needing to look down a little to do some of the platforming meaning I have to keep the camera face up or else face lag that will cause me to miss my landings.

My hardware includes an overclocked Aorus 1080 Ti, Overclocked Intel i7 8700k CPU, and the game is installed on an M.2 960 Pro SSD with 32 gigs of Ram. My setup is sitting comfortably at the high-end with specs that should be destroying anything this game throws at it and some!

My CAM software which I have running constantly on my second monitor also never reported temperatures going over 60c while playing the game for either my cpu or gpu, even when im looking at the areas which cause the stutter.

Can I get some help here? I'm absolutely adoring this game but not the performance ive been getting with the expanded areas.

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