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Saving/Loading Issue (PC)

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:22 pm
by Tek
Has anyone recently been having problems in Yooka Laylee with either Saving and Quitting, transitioning through doorway loading zones which contain an autosave, or autosaves in general? Yesterday I loaded up the game again to try and find the initials under the ramp in the first level which were discussed in the recent developer commentary video. Unfortunately I found that unlike my previous times playing the game, I was unable to even reach the level because the game will sort of hang or get stuck when I go through most loading zones.

This is what it looks like when I save and quit or go through loading zones that autosave. It does not end.

I just emailed a bug report about this to, but I thought perhaps I should post about it here as well.

The game loads up fine and I can load into any of my save files and walk around the area I start in, but upon either choosing to Save and Quit from the menu or walking through certain doorways into a new room, the game fades to a black screen with the saving disk icon in the bottom right corner and never ends.  While waiting in the endless loading/saving screen, I can hear Yooka and Laylee doing their idle animations and any other sounds that might have been in the room I just left, but I cannot control them anymore or escape to the menu.  I need to manually force the game to close with the task manager.  This only happens for some loading screens.

Walking through the doorway to the area with the 2nd level that you open by pounding a switch on the second floor of the main lobby is one of the places where it does not load.  I can however enter and exit the main entrance of Hivory Towers without a problem.

As a test, I tried deleting one of my save files and starting a new one, but this did not fix the problem.  When I started the new game, everything went fine until I collected the first Pagie for Trowzer on top of the gold statue.  When I picked up the Pagie, the little save disk icon appeared in the bottom right corner, and then never went away.  By the time I opened up the first grand tome, the save disk icon was still there from before and had not gone away. Additionally, upon manually forcing the game to close after getting stuck in another loading screen, I noticed that despite having started a new save file and playing up to the point where I opened the first grand tome, the game had not created a file for this new save in my save file directory. It seems that it is incapable of creating or writing to the save files.

I have previously played the game to completion on PC and was able to walk around in the game and save & quit without problem earlier last year.  Verifying the integrity of the game cache through steam did not fix the problem, nor did uninstalling and reinstalling the game.  Restarting Steam and the computer did not work either. Also, the problem persists when running the game in Exclusive Mode. I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

My suspicion is (and I could be wrong) that the game has a problem with being installed in an alternative Steam library folder. What I mean by this is Steam has a Steam Library Folders feature where you can create multiple Steam library folder locations where your Steam games are installed to, and set which one is the default one. This allows users to install their games on different drives. For example, my computer has two drives. It has a SSD (C:) which the computer boots from, and a standard hard drive (D:). Steam is installed on the C drive, but I have created an alternate Steam library location on the D drive through the Steam options. Virtually all of my steam games are installed to the D drive, which I prefer due to it having quite a bit more space. A funny thing about this is Steam sometimes will still save some files of a game to the 'Steam\userdata\' directories on the C drive even if you have the games set to be installed on the D drive. Yooka Laylee is installed on my D drive (D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\YookaLaylee), but has its save files stored in the C drive (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\MyUserID\360830\remote). I suspect that the game is somehow only checking for the save files in the same drive that the game is installed to, and that additionally it is somehow unable to even create the save files in directories other than C? I created a copy of the directory for the save files on the D drive to see if the game would notice it and use it if it already exists, but this did not help and the game continues to fail to make saves and write to them.

***Ok, actually, I'm not so sure my above suspicions are correct.***
(I'm testing these things out as I type this post.)

To see if I could fix the problem by having the game installed to the same drive that it stores the save data on (C:), I told steam to move the entire game over from the D drive to the C drive. Sadly, the problem persists. Even if I have the game installed on the same drive that both the save files and Steam itself are installed on (C:), it still cannot create save files or write to them. I'm really not sure what's going on. :(

Has anyone else had a problem like this recently, or have the game installed on a different drive through steam? Anyone heard of this and know of a way to make it work that I haven't found? Perhaps there's something I'm missing. Otherwise, I'm hoping Playtonic can find a fix for this in a future patch.

Re: Saving/Loading Issue (PC)

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:12 pm
by Tek
No one?

Anyways, the issue still persists after the new update that came out on Steam today.