Switch Crackle Sound Problem

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Switch Crackle Sound Problem

Postby chris2shine » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:49 pm

I recently bought Yooka Layle for the Switch.
It's fabolous, thanks to Playtonic for the great game and improvements. I really got nostalgic feeling. Hope there will follow many more in future.

But I noticed a problem. Does anyone got the same crackle noise. It appears at Tribal Stack Tropic after the boss fight I turned back where the fire fountains are. There I noticed the sound is crackling/stocking. It's just in combination of the fire fountains or If I spit fire I noticed it also.

Is it cause the switch is overwhelmed and cant handle it. Or is my unit defect?
But dont think it's defect cause everything is fine so far.

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Re: Switch Crackle Sound Problem

Postby Tek » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:30 am

Have you turned off the Switch for a while and then played some more to see if the issue persists? I haven't played Yooka Laylee on the Switch yet, but I think I had a very similar sound issue one time when I was playing the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It was a subtle yet completely noticeable crackling under all the sounds/music. I was playing it docked, but the crackling sound also happened in handheld mode when I took it out of the dock. After I turned the Switch off to let it cool down and unplugged everything for several minutes, reconnected everything and turned it back on, the problem was thankfully gone. If you have the Limited Run cartridge version, then I would also suggest removing and reinserting the cartridge for good measure.

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Re: Switch Crackle Sound Problem

Postby chris2shine » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:18 am

Thank you for your reply.

I have the download version.
Think my Switch got also a bit hot too. The fans were noticeable running.
I wonder if the problem is still there if I go back. Im now in the ice level and
still no problems everything runs smooth.

I will try it! If it runs well I gues it's a thermal throttling problem with the switch itself.

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