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Playtonic Forum Closure

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:04 pm
by Daley_Kong
Good afternoon everyone,

As you can see from the title of the thread, after a lot of thought, the time has come for these forums to be permanently closed. I’ll lay out the reasoning for you below.

• They’re archaic. They are a total eyesore and don’t mesh well with the rest of our website. We could overhaul them and make them look great, but the amount of activity on these forums would not justify the cost and work involved.
• They’re hardly active. There’s really not a lot of activity on these forums at all. Compared to other places where we are present, like Facebook and Twitter, the forums are a whisper!
• They can’t thrive without some proper TLC. We simply can’t dedicate the time we would need to, to these forums to ensure they are properly moderated. We’d also like to be able to reply and run initiatives on the forums, but we simply don’t have the time or resource.

We know this will be very sad news to some, as you have dipped in and out of these forums for years, however, we feel this is the right thing to do. We want to do things properly, or not at all, and at this point doing it “properly” isn’t justifiable due to the amount of inactivity.

The forums will close at 11am BST on Thursday the 27th June. New accounts will no longer be registered and it won’t be possible to make new threads or reply to them. An archive will be stored here: - so you can still come back and revisit any fond thread memories you may have.

We’ll still, of course, be active in other areas, like Twitter, Facebook and the news section of our website.

Thanks for hanging around for as long as you did!

Daley Kong
Engagement Director
Playtonic Games

Re: Playtonic Forum Closure

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:40 am
by ShanPen
Oh that’s so sad, I love coming here to talk about Yooka-Laylee (and other games, especially after Miiverse shut down) with other fans. :cry:
But I can understand the reasoning.

Thanks for archiving the forums though, I’m glad that it’s not all just going to disappear. :)

For anyone who uses Facebook and is interested, there is a Yooka-Laylee fan group called Yooka-Laylee Bat Ship Crazy that I’m sure would be happy for new members.

Re: Playtonic Forum Closure

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:33 am
by LancerEagle
As a non-user of social media I guess this is it for me as far the Playtonic fan community goes. *sniffle*

A fond farewell to everyone here. Thanks for sharing in all the speculation, venting, anticipation, and finally excitement and joy in the lead-up to Yooka-Laylee's release... and then doing it all again for Impossible Lair. It's been quite a ride.

Here's hoping that IL is both a blast to play and a runaway commercial success, that Playtonic continues to grow and thrive as a company, and most of all that when the team feels ready to dive back into the 3D platformer collectathon space, Tooka-Laylee is the crowd-pleasing and critic-silencing gem we've all been waiting for. Best of luck in the future Playtonic, even if you don't hear from me again you've always got LancerEagle in your corner.


Re: Playtonic Forum Closure

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:38 am
by ShanPen