Replay Value -- Ideas?

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Re: Replay Value -- Ideas?

Postby selebu » Sat May 09, 2015 8:08 pm

i really think the daily/weekly challenges as seen in Rayman Legends would work so well!
also leaderboards for stupid statistics

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Re: Replay Value -- Ideas?

Postby Yavga » Sun May 10, 2015 4:39 pm

Second playthrough feautures:

- more difficult end-game quiz (where is this picture located in-game?)
- better hidden and revamped collectables, now also able to be reached in new places with a newly aquired move
- achievements
- new collectables (like the stop 'n swop ones) unlocking a new level, revamped last boss and secret ending.
a few of these collectables should be acquired in harder versions of the in-game arcade games. Other ones
should be collected in the newly reachable places.
- Enemies have revamped textures and new moves (shooting projectiles, creating shockwaves that can be avoided by
jumping over them), also they do more damage. Testing your platforming skills to the n'th degree!
- Bosses have new moves and are harder.
- leaderboard time-runs. (levels and certain challenges)
- levels have certain changed mechanics and new textures (reverse challenges, more obstacles in minecart races,
different season, different shader)

I'd say that's enough for a second playthrough... ultimately more challenging and trying to reach the secret ending and revamped last boss, while all the collectables are scrambled make a second playthrough worthwhile!
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