The Back Together Boys

Discussion and feedback for Playtonic's debut game, platformer adventure game Yooka-Laylee!
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The Back Together Boys

Postby PeanutCrunch89 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:30 am

As soon as I saw this image, I decided a poster of this would be a neat limited-run reward for backers. I think it'll live as my phone's wallpaper for a bit.

Super TNNtendoU!!!
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Re: The Back Together Boys

Postby Super TNNtendoU!!! » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:01 am

Hall and Oates did a classic hit tune in te '70s called "Back Together Again"! "Back Together Again! Back Together Againnnn! Singin' the same old story"! I really liked the humor from the Playtonic Team and thought it desetved more laughs than it got...

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