New Idea: Diddy Kong Racers?

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New Idea: Diddy Kong Racers?

Postby MFWolfe » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:40 pm

While trying to think of a stretch goal that would be cool for the Kickstarter, I realized that this is a great opportunity for something that I've wanted to happen since even before the release of Banjo-Kazooie. The reintroduction of the minor Diddy Kong Racers.

Everyone on this board seems intent on having an unnamed goldfish that taps his head three times on the side of its bowl. Most of the language in the thread about the goldfish is purposefully coy, so I will explain why most of us want that for the uninitiated.

In Banjo-Kazooie and -Tooie, Banjo has a pet goldfish named Roysten who taps his head on the side of his bowl three times. Roysten went on to appear in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Viva Piñata, and Kinect Sports. Because the Banjo games are considered core games in the Donkey Kong Universe (which is this whole big thing that is a bit complicated), Roysten appearing in those other games makes those games ALSO part of the DKU. The drive to have an unnamed goldfish in Ukulele stems from wanting the game to be DKU and thus in the same universe as the original Banjo games.

That would be cool, but I don't love the Roysten idea.

Firstly, it seems too much like Rare's thing and frankly Rare should be able to keep it.

Secondly, the goldfish would have to remain unnamed as Microsoft owns Roysten. The connection wouldn't he that tight. There would be no way to prove it is the same goldfish without legal ramifications.

This prompted me to think of a better way to connect Ukulele to the older DKU. When Phil Spencer announced that he'd love to see Banjo in Smash, my mind turned to the minor Diddy Kong racers.

The idea is that Playtonic can set a really high stretch goal for buying back one or two Diddy Kong Racing characters from Microsoft on the Kickstarter. This serves three functions:

1) It allows the rest of the Diddy Kong Racing roster a chance to have additional games like they always seemed to be intended to have (to me in my OCD head canon).

2) It links the Playtonic Universe to the DKU in a much lass abstract, more tangible way by making it yet an other full-fledged branch that technically spun-off DKR like Banjo, Conker, and later Star Fox games.

3) It would strengthen Playtonic and old Rare's relationship by paying them and Microsoft for a character that likely wouldn't see the light of day ever again anyway.

So that's the idea. The next logical question is "Which character(s)?"

The minor Diddy Kong Racing characters are as follows:


Of these, I think Drumstick, Pipsy, and Bumper are the best options for Playtonic as Wizpig, and Taj are more associated with the game Diddy Kong Racing itself while Timber literally wears a Rare hat. I have a soft spot for Bumper, but any of the three would be interesting additions to Playtonic's universe.

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Re: New Idea: Diddy Kong Racers?

Postby Taylor » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:51 pm


Personally, I would rather Playtonic spent the money on making the game as amazing as possible, not buying old and relatively obscure characters from Microsoft just to fit it into the 'DKU'. The purpose of the Kickstarter is not to raise funds to buy characters.

Gavin Price has already spoken about the , providing Rare and Microsoft allow it. Wouldn't that be a much better alternative? It'd be a clear 'DKU' connection that doesn't cost a few hundred thousand dollars to implement.

If Phil Spencer would be happy for Banjo to be in Smash, he would be a bit rude to decline the characters appearing in a popular indie game made by the very people that designed Banjo in the first place.
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Re: New Idea: Diddy Kong Racers?

Postby Exaskryz » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:57 pm

Rare/MS are not going to just sell some rights to a character permanently, and any leasing option is going to be just as expensive in the long run if you wanted to maintain the universe. I'm thinking millions of dollars, just because those IPs do have the potential to get used in a multi-million dollar game. But I haven't kept track of any big IP acquisitions as of late, so I don't know the normal going price from larger studios.

I think it is better for Playtonic to create an entirely unique universe which leaves them with the best potential for expanding the universe as they want at a much lesser cost.
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