Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

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Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby bigfanofoldrare » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:57 am

I prefer banjo-kazooie and banjo-tooie to donkey kong 64.. but by a mini difference..

I never heard a lot of word about this game, but i really find it awesome.. i got the 201 bananas..

Seriously the game have 5 differents characters in the game.. And in each level , each character have 5 bananas to take to get 25.. And each character have their weapon, their different attack to learn with cranky kong, their different instrument and more..

Is it only because banjo-kazooie and banjo-tooie make cover on it? so we talk on those game and not dk64..

or the game is really less good ( general opinion)?

Or , I am wrong and people talk a lot about donkey kong 64 too?

Settled, i want to hear your opinion about that :)

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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby bigfanofoldrare » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:58 am

Ans sorry for my bad english , i speak french :(

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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby Yavga » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:49 am

I absolutely loved the game as it was one of my classic experiences. some critics seem to point out that a lot of backtracking is involved with all the collectables (like the bananas) and they also point out an overkill of collectables. Both issues were never issues for me because I don't mind either.

The atmosphere is just as warm and fun as Both Banjo Games and the game is a blast to play.
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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby Omega » Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:18 pm

The game was not part of my childhood but I really liked it. Like Banjo-Tooie, its not a game to play "every month", since there is so much things to collect on the levels. I liked it less than the Banjo games because I am not a fan of Donkey Kong. If you replace the character models with Banjo models, it would make a great Banjo-Threeie I think. So Yooka Laylee is kind of a Banjo-Fourie for me.
Its a great game but its not for everybody. 3D collectathon fans will really enjoy it though (Like myself and most Banjo-Yooka fans)

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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby BanjoThreeie » Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:11 pm

I always lol when people say Donkey Kong 64 is a generally disliked game... I mean, just look at all the critic and user reviews. ... ey-kong-64

I think it's a fantastic game, but it definitely suffers in some areas from being overly ambitious. The back tracking isn't that bad unless you want to collect every single colored banana in the game (which you don't need, since only the banana medals are counted towards 101% completion). There was a lot of "fluff" in the game though, like doing something with one Kong to get a golden banana and then doing the exact same things with the other Kongs to get 4 more (like the temple in Angry Aztec and climbing the central part of Frantic Factory). There was also too big of a focus on minigames and small, menial tasks instead of platforming. But all in all, I really love the game, and it really is like a Banjo Threeie.

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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby Gorjo » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:45 pm

It's one of my favorite games ever.
I wasn't able to play it (or any N64 game) as a kid but there is a factor I think people don't consider often: the availability of games at the time. Today we have countless games between our reach (one way or another) but back then I imagine a N64 console and its games must have been hard to get and very expensive to many, people may've been lucky to have more than one game. Enter Donkey Kong 64, so big, so full of content, so varied; You could be years playing it and still have more things to do and discover, to the point that . If I had a N64 console as a kid and could only have one single game to play, in insight I would choose DK64.
It's like today we think too much of completing a game as soon as possible instead of taking our time and enjoying it. Having so many collectables is treated as an hindrance when in the right mindset it can be a bless.


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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby smashbro596 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:10 pm

it's a great game to me. but it isn't perfect. purely due to how levels and sections felt segmented off from one kong to the next. collect all the yellow bananas in one area with dk? go back to the switch barrel and get the green bananas in the same area as chunky!
things like that make the game longer than it needed to be. it was a problem i had ONLY in dk64. and purely because of the five characters.

aside from that, dk64 is a wonderful game.

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Re: Donkey Kong 64, underated game?

Postby Ciro » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:03 am

I love this game, it has a lot of charm on it. Got 170 golden bananas.

But here's the problem with this game:

You have fruit guns!... which the main purpose is to shoot buttons with the corresponding face of your Kong.

You have musical instruments! That instantly kills all enemies on screen! That you can use like 10 times! The purpose? To play it on the musical pedal corresponding your Kong! And it doesn't even spend your headphone when played on it!

You have different collored bananas! But you can only collect them if the color corresponds your current Kong!

You have different habilities with different Kong! get into specific places that belongs only to that Kong!

...And it goes on. With this amount of variety the game is supposed to have puzzles so you have to think of creative ways to solve them, maybe with more than one solution, but instead you have a colouring book disguised as puzzles.

Having 5 playable characters is a nice idea as long it's well executed, which is not exacly the case with this game.

Other things people complained about:

- The frame rate. It ins't stable.
- The minigames. Although I don't personally dislike them, some people did because of how they play completely different to the rest of the game, unlike the ones in Country series.

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