Is Microsoft slowly winding down all of its game studios?

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Is Microsoft slowly winding down all of its game studios?

Postby NPChilla » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:59 am

Not thinking of the ones that got the fanfare like Lionhead and Press Play, but the other studios which have vanished into the ether.

Good Science Studio hasn't made a thing since 2012's Kinect Star Wars and its website just redirects to Hololens:

Big Park hasn't been seen since 2012's Joy Ride Turbo and its website consists of one graphic. That's it.

Finally Launchworks (formerly Xbox Live Productions) also hasn't released a game since 2008. Its website doesn't even register.

Assuming these have been killed quietly, that leaves:
*343 (the Halo studio)
*The Coalition (the Gears of War studio)
*Lift London (announced to have four titles in development back in 2013 - we've heard nothing from them since) *Mojang (Minecraft)
*Rare (solely developing Sea of Thieves, as far as we know)
*Turn 10 Studios (the Forza Motorsport developer)

This is a reduction whichever way you look at it - is it just Microsoft streamlining in an attempt to regain focus?
Or possibly an attempt to help Xbox recover costs before the division is merged with Microsoft's much more profitable PC wing?
It's worth noting that Big Park and Good Science were both Kinect-only studios, so with the peripheral's demise shutting them down would likely be cheaper than reworking the studio as Rare required.

UPDATE: Seems I'm late to this party. ... re-studios

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