Banjo and Kazooie/Tooie remastered

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Banjo and Kazooie/Tooie remastered

Postby Jregis » Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:35 pm

Hello genius minds behind one of the greatest games ever made. I never knew I wanted something so bad until now. Recently I’ve been replaying through Banjo Kazooie and Tooie. I just finished 100 percent of Kazooie and am doing the same for Tooie. While I do not think I a remake is needed because these games have not aged one bit. They are still glorious and fun to play. I do however think it’ll be beautiful to see our bear and bird in glorious Hd similar to the treatment that Crash and Spyro received. I and many others that I know, would gladly dish out $60 for banjo Kazooie and Tooie remastered just to play through our favorite worlds over and over. Plz playtonic think on this. I know that one of the devs said it would be a stupid idea, but it won’t. You did this with conker so now it’s time to do it with everyone’s favorite childhood games. It would make a lot of us very happy. The foundation is there, all you need to do is make it graphically better. The camera control was the only issue I ever had with these games but I’m pretty sure that’s an easy fix. These two games would sell like hot cakes I guarantee you. ;)

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Re: Banjo and Kazooie/Tooie remastered

Postby Scrubber » Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:21 pm

*As you said, Kazooie and Tooie don't necessary need updates as they have aged wonderfully. But it would be sweet.

*A full remake from the ground up, using the best technology around would be A MAZE ING!
The Crash/Spiro treatment would work so well, it would bring the bear and bird back to relevancy and FINALLY pave the way for a Banjo-Threeie

*Playtonic aren't the right people to do it though. Rare should carefully choose the right company to handle the remakes (maybe the company that did crash and spiro) whilst also being very involved in the project themselves.
The game should be released on Xbox and Nintendo.

*Note to yourself Jregis. You say you are going to 100% Tooie. All I can say is good luck with that Cheato Page from Canary Mary :shock:

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