An easy way to improve Rextro's Minigames

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An easy way to improve Rextro's Minigames

Postby Minionwithamission » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:15 pm

I've only played the game a bit, but I tried all the minigames from the main menu expecting the worst and... I don't really get the huge criticism with them? Some could be more polished (Bee Bop's animations and physics) and Hurdle Hijinx seems to be quite hard, but I can't see them as the bad aspect of the game and game breaker that people are claiming they are (they need a retry button, though, that's for sure). I really liked Kartos Karting*, Up'n Nova and Jobstacle Course, and while others like Glaciators and Blag the flag are pretty weak and clearly oriented to multiplayer, most of the others are well done.

However, I can understand that some of the required scores are too high and that some minigames are too long. Minigames would probably be better received if they were shorter and each one was segmented into three difficulty levels. Playtonic could easily take a minigame like Hurdle Hijinx and split it into three shorter levels (en easy one taking the first segment, a medium with the second segment, and a hardest one with the final segment where everything goes crazy). You could get the first pagie completing the easy one and the second pagie completing the medium (and leave the hardest for pure completionists). This could actually work for Hurdle Hijinx, Up'n Nova, Jobstacle Course and Gunlet Run.

*Regarding Kartos Karting, it obviously has a rough control, but that's exactly the idea. If you could drive this thing propperly I would find it pretty boring, and honestly it isn't that hard to master. I got the two Pagies at my second and third try respectively.

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Re: An easy way to improve Rextro's Minigames

Postby mickeythelegend » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:25 pm

I feel the high scores are too high also. And the games are too long too. Rextros games are just annoying now unfortunately. I almost feel im not playing the game now because i am playing them thst much just to get them finally done. I hate them so far.
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Re: An easy way to improve Rextro's Minigames

Postby Scrubber » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:36 pm

The micro kart racer would be better without all the annoying hazards that bring you to a complete halt every 5 seconds.

The cashino one would be better if the screen didnt keep killing you before you are even off it.

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Re: An easy way to improve Rextro's Minigames

Postby Pokemaniac Dan » Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:57 pm

The one gripe I have with Rextro's games is that if you were to get hit by something, you lose way too many of your points, making it impossible to get enough points before the level runs out. This especially happened in the 5th world's game. It didn't matter how well you did during the whole mini game, if you got hit right near the end, 5000 points would be docked. Kind of annoying.

Other than that, I really didn't mind the mini games at all. Capital Cashino's was the hardest for me, but I actually enjoyed the challenge of it. Maybe if they implemented a redo/restart option on the pause screen it would alleviate the time consumption if you make a mistake?

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