Wishes For Twooka Laylee (Non official name)

Discussion and feedback for Playtonic's debut game, platformer adventure game Yooka-Laylee!
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Re: Wishes For Twooka Laylee (Non official name)

Postby Alucard » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:50 pm

some things i want to add maybe some are allready mentioned:

1. no more repeatable (ring) challenges

2. more character variety and uniqueness for each world

3. shortcuts like warppads (easier to backtrack)

4. if there will be again some physics puzzles like those golf challenges please with better physics

5. timer for items which are limited

6. collectable ammunition like eggs and red/gold feathers in bk/bt

7. no more too much open/empty spaces in the worlds

8. better fighting physics. each enemy that i punched away felt like i was hitting air and after that they just
pop like soapbubbles. in banjo-kazooie you had a feel in the fingers if you was hitting an enemy there was
also a hard hitting sound.
9. more enemy variety not just skin swaps.

10. detailed indoor environment. what i mean is that nearly all indoor environments had the same textures and the same vibe per world. Some examples:

Tribalstack Tropics:
you enter the monument or you enter rampos treasure chamber both have the same textures.

Glitterglace Glacier:
Each cave had the same feel only the icymetric castle was a little bit different but still it had the same vibe as if I would be in the outdoor area of the world. And what really made me sad was the interior of Burnie. I really hoped there would be a hot burning place full of coal like in Banjo-Tooie if you entered Chuffis oven to fight Briketto Blanco ... but noo it was just a normal room like all the other rooms of the icymetric castle.

Moodymaze Marsh:
Each pipe I have entered and even the boss room had the same textures and the same feel and vibe.
I often mistaken all the places because they all look same.

Capital Cashino:
The world with the most variety but still, all the indoor areas looked soo loveless, cold and empty. They where all just tunnels with platform puzzles but not felt like real places.

Galleon Galaxy:
The world which is the best example how a BK world should be. But even in this world I have my flaws. For example the prison bar ... why is the bar empty ? There could be a cool character instead of only a speakable pagie and again many of the other indoor areas where again just tunnels. And why is the captain a firmi enemy ?
I was expecting a new unique character and not an enemy which was already used in the first world as Duke. My most memorable place was the Space Golf shop because it felt like a real place which realy belongs in to this world. Also all the other characters felt like they belong in this world like all those frogs with their activities and this Jet Force Gemini like looking girl.

11. Please more indoor areas ... there where too less. In Banjo-Kazooie you could enter a giant turtle, pyramids, igloos, a giant christmas tree, a monster mansion etc. and that is also a reason why I not really liked the open world concept.

12. I would love to see Rextro again but this time please more polish in to the mini games. They where fun but the controlls where kinda whacky. Kartos challenges where also cool but i just missed you could not play the challenges with the d-pad like in the old DKC days.

13. Multiplayer should have a deathmatch mode and mini games like in DK64 or Banjo-Tooie :D
It was sad that the arcade games where also the multiplayer games. Nearly each rare game had one.
Conker BFD, Jet Force Gemini, DK64, Banjo-Tooie with many many unlockables.

14. More secret unlockables and cheats.


If you all look at my list of wishes you all maybe think I am not like the game but thats not true it is still one of the best games if played in the last years and have fullfiled my expectations specially for 3d platformers. Playtonic have revived the rareware felling that we all love and know and I am really glad/excitedly to see other Playtonic titles coming in the future and also a sequel to this beautiful game. Thank you Rareware .... I mean Playtonic Games team :D Rare is back !

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Re: Wishes For Twooka Laylee (Non official name)

Postby FailureFactory » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:01 am

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Re: Wishes For Twooka Laylee (Non official name)

Postby bjaxx87 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:06 am

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Re: Wishes For Twooka Laylee (Non official name)

Postby Hopix » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:15 pm

Idea for Rextro in the next game:

So instead of some simple, repetitive game that is pseudo-retro, how about this:

In each world, there is a retro games console, and to play, rextro could require a cartridge found in the world. There could either be a single cartridge with a single level, or multiple with different levels on.

On each cartridge, there is a 2D 8 bit representation of the 3D world you're in. The point in playing the 2D game is not only to obtain a pagie, but to make physical changes to the 3D world by interacting with puzzles in the 2D level. There could even be a backtracking element, so if you're unsure how to progress in the 3D world, it could be that you need to enter the 2D version to solve a puzzle, to affect the 3D version.

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Re: Wishes For Twooka Laylee (Non official name)

Postby Y00kaz0013fanb0y » Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:29 pm

I, For One, Welcome the highly anticipated return of the 3d Collect-athon Platformer Genre of Video Games and will continue to support Playtonic no matter what

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